The Truth is Out There

Finally, there seems to be an acceptance of much that those of us on the front lines already knew:

1. Stinkbugs are far more than a nuisance.
2. Stinkbugs are a threat of epic proportions.
3. Stinkbugs are nearly impossible to kill.
4. Stinkbugs are capable of birthing up to SIX generations per year.

Of course, still no solution. We are left scrambling for whatever weapons we can find, often with only minimal effectiveness.

My current battle plan:

1. Spray with Home Defense inside and out around all doors and windows. It may not kill them permanently, but it keeps them from flying around and I can simply sweep them up and BURN THEM.
2. Use Strube’s Stinkbug Traps at night to ensnare those who make it past the poison.
3. Test all new weapons, including Dead Inn Stinkbug Traps in hopes of finding a more aggressive solution.
4. Enlist others to help in this resistance effort. And pray.

Copyright © 2011 Lydia Whitney

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  • Leah  On April 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    hey cool blog 🙂
    we share the same mission.
    And I do not kill anything either. When the stinkbugs first showed up, I actually thought they were cute. They have personality :-/

    But the one or two cutie pies that would keep me company while I sat at the computer, have now become MILLIONS of little bastards that are everywhere… in my bedsheets, in my clothes drawers, and yes, on my toothbrush 😥

    So, I have a question… do they release their scent when they get stuck on those Strube traps?

    I am pretty desperate. I am really overwhelmed by stink bugs.

    • lydiawhitney  On April 20, 2011 at 4:12 pm

      No, I have not found that they release their scent. The trap is actually pretty awesome, once you get it set up. Hanging it is the trickiest part…

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