Stinkbug Trail of Destruction

I recently noticed myriad brown drops around my home. They were on the floor, on furniture, even on the wall. I knew immediately that they HAD to come from the enemy. Who else would defile my home? My first thought was that the glue from the Tower of Death was dripping from them, as it had all slipped down to pool at the bottom of the trap.(NOTE: I just deployed the newest version of Strube’s Stinkbug Traps and it seems to be far better designed! I’ll report back on it’s success.)

So, I cleaned up the annoying spots. Luckily, a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a little elbow grease were a successful combination. I also threw out the trap, as it seemed to have outlived it’s usefulness. I thought the issue was resolved. Another small victory for me in my ongoing war against the enemy stinkbug…

But no. Now I see more brown spots appearing throughout my home. Time for research. And there was very little to be found. Nothing from the experts, but from others who are on the frontlines of this battle against the stinkbug fiends, I found similar reports:

“It is important to remove the brown “trail” left behind from the Stink Bug. This “trail” is what attracts other Stink Bugs into your home. Look carefully as it looks like a small, brown, drop of blood, or a brown “drip” running down your wall or window/door frame.” Aha!

So, the evil enemy has yet another way to torment me. Big surprise. Their malevolence is boundless… DEATH TO STINKBUGS!!
Stinkbug Trail of Brown Liquid Drops

Copyright ©2011 Lydia Whitney

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