Stinkbug “Intelligence” – Resource Links

Maryland Department of Agriculture Press Release
Maryland Department of Agriculture Article
Announcement that Stinkbugs are “a major nuisance to homeowners and a devastating pest.” Really?!

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Excellent, factual resource – but the name makes me wonder. Could this all be a horrible government experiement gone awry?!

Rutgers Stinkbug Control
Actual information on poisons which may work on these creatures -but “control” seems like a mere pipe-dream.

Penn State
Frightening facts on how the enemy has spread – and continues to extend its reach.

University of Maryland Extension
This is basic information on identifying stinkbugs with pictures. Helpful for those of us who have had our heads in the sand and don’t already know what they look like.

Baltimore Sun
An article and clip on the potential for tiny parasitic wasps to control stinkbugs. Unfortunately, the potential release date will not be until 2013.

Entomological Society of America
The bug experts take on “The Plague of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug” which has become “a serious year-round pest!”

Southeast Farm Press
More information on efforts to control stinkbugs. Unfortunately, there is still more information on the problem than on a solution.

Research on Mating Behavior
This is a technical explanation of their mating patterns. A way to STOP their mating would be more helpful.

Stop Stink Bugs
This site provides a forum for discussing the stinkbug concerns, information and strategies for dealing with them. Of course, I’d love for you to discuss this all HERE!

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